Kemri Wellcome Trust Research Programme

The KEMRI|Wellcome Trust Research Programme is a world renowned health research unit of excellence. The programme was formed in 1989 when the Kenya Medical Research Institute formed a partnership with the Wellcome Trust and the University of Oxford.

The Programme has over the last 26 years grown from a small group of 12 to a state of the art facility hosting over 100 research scientists and 700 support staff working across Kenya, Uganda and the region. We have over the years excelled in use of novel ideas working with local community’s to achieve better health for Africa while also developing African scientific leaders.

KEMRI conducts integrated epidemiological, social, laboratory and clinical research in parallel, with results feeding into local and international health policy. Its research platforms include state-of-the-art laboratories, a demographic surveillance system covering a quarter of a million residents, partnership with Kilifi County Hospital in health care and hospital surveillance, a clinical trials facility, a vibrant community engagement programme and a dedicated training facility.

The Institute brings opportunities for research attachments in a high-quality environment, with well-developed research infrastructure and capacity to conduct clinical trials to international standards.

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