2018 Cohort

Mr. Brian Bwanya

Mr. Brian Bwanya holds a BSc Biotechnology, from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology.
His skills in data manipulation and statistical analysis are excellent.
Mr. Brian Bwanya has been an intern in the United States Army Medical Service Unit and the KALRO Coffee Research Institute.


Mr. Festus Nyasimi

Mr. Festus Nyasimi holds a BSc. Microbiology and Biotechnology (First Class Honors) from the University of Nairobi.
He has worked with KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme as a PGD Fellow and USAMRU-Kenya, Walter-Reed Project as a Research Intern.
Mr. Festus Nyasimi received a studentship from the Initiative to Develop African Research Leaders.


Mr. Henrick Kola

Mr. Henrick Kola has a BSc. Biotechnology from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.
He has worked for the Kenya Medical Research Institute and Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services.
He has well-developed research skills including the ability to extract and analyse relevant data to make sound judgments;


Mr. John Oketch

Mr. John Oketch holds a BSc. Molecular and Cellular Biology from Kenyatta University.
Mr. John Oketch has worked for: KEMRI -Wellcome Trust Research programme as a Research Assistant and as an Intern in the National Museum of Kenya Nairobi Department of Biodiversity


Mr. Joseph Mulama

Mr. Joseph Mulama holds a BSc. Biochemistry from Pwani University.
Mr. Joseph Mulalama has worked in the Optimization of Baobab leaf high molecular weight DNA extraction and his undergraduate project on identification and comparison of cultivable bacterial and fungal communities associated with the rhizosphere and endosphere of intercropped Amaranthus spp. in Kilifi Kenya.


Mr. Michael Landi

Mr. Michael Landi holds a BSc. Biochemistry from Pwani University.
He has worked as a medical representative in Novartis Social Business and Phillips Pharmaceuticals Limited - Takeda


Ms. Joyce Kabagenyi

Ms.Joyce Kabagenyi has a BSc. Biotechnology from Kwambogo University, Uganda.
She has worked as a Laboratory Technologist, MRC/UVRI and LSHTM Uganda Research Unit and National Crops Resources Research Institute, Uganda, Undergraduate Student Intern


Ms. Margaret Mugure

Ms. Margaret Mugure has a BSc. Biochemistry from Pwani University.
Ms. Margaret Mugure assisted Dr. Rachael Aye of the Immunology Department at KEMRI in a project assessing malaria transmission rates in endemic regions in Kilifi County.
Under her very helpful guidance, she gained practical laboratory skills and she was able to employ the theoretical knowledge she had gained in class.


Ms. Martha Luka

Ms. Martha Luka has a BSc. Medical Laboratory Science and Technology from the University of Nairobi.
Ms. Martha Luka has worked for KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Program, PGD Student and KEMRI-CDC, Intern.
She received a studentship from the Initiative to Develop African Research Leaders (IDeAL) and also has a professional license from KMLTTB Registration